The internet made a great impact in our history and in our daily lives. It has helped several sectors make important developments. The most notable impact of the internet is opening up the world of information and content, together with giving us a large platform to express our views, share our contents, and communicate with others all over the world. However, these developments were accompanied by many risks and issues as well.


When you browse the internet, your online activities leave fingerprints of information that may be tracked and monitored by your ISP, your network administrator, the FBI, or even online criminals. Using only your computer’s IP address, every website you visit will be able to obtain information on your online identity. Some online hackers can use your IP address to access your computer and steal your personal information and other files stored on it. If your sensitive data happens to fall into the hands of cyber criminals, you could become a victim of a scam or worst of all is identity theft.

In order to protect yourself from crimes online, you should consider browsing the internet anonymously. One way to do this is by using an anonymizer or anonymous proxy. This tool attempts to make activities on the internet untraceable. Anonymous proxy is a proxy server for computers that act as an intermediary and privacy shield between the user’s computer and the rest of the internet. It will access the internet on the user’s behalf to protect personal information by hiding the user computer’s identifying information.

There are several reasons why people use an anonymous proxy but the main reason is to help minimize risks. Most of them use it to prevent identity theft or to protect search histories from public disclosures. In addition, anonymizers were also used by people or companies who want to receive objective information with the growing target marketing on the internet and targeted information. One example is large news outlets like CNN target the viewers according to the region and gives different information to different people. Another one is on YouTube, where the information obtained from the viewer about the last videos watched on a computer is being used to propose ‘recommended’ videos accordingly. Lastly, most of the online targeted marketing is done by showing advertisements depending on the region.

In countries that apply heavy censorship on the internet, the anonymous proxy can help in allowing free access to all of the internet content. However, it can’t help against persecution for accessing the anonymous proxy website itself. Furthermore, information regarding anonymous proxy websites is banned in these countries. Thus, users are always wary that they may be falling into a government’s set-up trap.