If you are looking for a proxy server, you will definitely encounter websites that provide shared and dedicated proxies. Choosing between free and paid proxy is quite easy. Most people pick paid proxy because it is secure and doesn’t have any advertisement. On the other hand, deciding whether to use shared or dedicated proxy is a bit difficult.  The deciding factor usually consists of the budget for the proxy and its intended use.


Shared proxy, as the name implies, is shared by several users. Its main advantage is the cost of maintaining the server while being able to spread out its use. It means that a shared proxy server costs a lot less and you can save more since you can pass it on to other subscribers including its extra features. However, it also has its disadvantages that make up for the low costs. First, you may end up getting slow speeds especially during peak hours or when several users are using the service at the same time. Second, all users of shared proxy are basically using IP addresses from the same pool. If one of the users abused the proxy, it may result banning from the website and every user will end up being blacklisted from the site as well.

Dedicated proxy, on the other hand, is exclusive to the subscriber assigned to the account. It has several advantages:

  • You will have the entire service to yourself
  • Fast speed that will not change even during peak hours
  • No need to worry about other subscribers who abuses the proxy because you won’t get affected if they got banned from the website
  • Several dedicated proxies give you the freedom to choose IP addresses, as well as the location that will show up in your IP.

However, there are also disadvantages in using a dedicated proxy. It can be very expensive compared to a shared proxy because it can’t be shared to other users and can only be managed by one user.

Since both types of proxy have its own strengths and weaknesses, the decision in choosing the right one can only be answered based on its suitability to the user’s needs. Those who have a limited budget have no other choice but to be content with a shared proxy while those who have money to spare and wants exclusive usage can purchase a dedicated proxy.